The training works around your schedule and your needs Flexible training means that Julie can train anywhere and at any time, this includes weekends and after hours. No matter how busy you are, Julie can plan around any schedule. Julie trains individuals, small groups and large groups.

You will receive Individual attention – you are a person, not a number Being flexible also means that you are never rushed and that you will be able to deliver/assess in your own workplace with absolute confidence. Your individual needs are always catered to, You are never herded in and herded out!

You benefit from Julie M Hutchin Consulting integrity Julie Hutchin believes that ethics, good manners and morals are vital for student and teacher relationships. She loves teaching, and because of this she is patient and caring, and always respectful of her students.

TAE40110 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE10

For a free 30 minute consultation, or to just to ask a quick question, call Julie Hutchin on (042 705 4132), or send an email via the contact form to request a no obligation quote.

Certificate IV – TESOL40540SA

Southern Cross International Learning Institute

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a feature of (VET) Vocational Education Training which enables a student to fast track a Course

At any time during the Course a Student may apply for RPL.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available to clients who feel they already have gained competency in the units of accredited programs.

Call Julie Hutchin on (042 705 4132), or send an email via the contact form to request a no obligation quote. Julie will email you an application form and schedule of evidence requirements.

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Training for Aboriginal/Indigenous people and those in Rural or Remote areas

  • Teachers Secondary
  • TAFE
  • VET Vocational Education Teachers
  • Cert I to Adv Diploma Students or higher
  • English as Second Language
  • Language Literacy and Numeracy Students
  • Primary to Adv Dip/Individuals
  • Team Leaders/Individuals needing to train Staff in their workplace
  • Corporate Managers
  • Small Business
  • Reg Training Organisations:
  • HR / OHS / Aviation / Security /Hospitality / Business Services / Social Workers / Massage therapists / Health

Julie has worked for the Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council in Far North Queensland since 1999. She has delivered training on a regular basis to Councillors and staff in different areas including Business Administration, Aged care, Retail operations, Local Government and other short competencies.

All Structured Training Courses include Literacy and Numeracy as components within the Units to assist new apprentices and employees during their training. Communication in the Workplace not only deals with responding to incoming mail, it deals with enabling Job Seekers, i.e CDEP Workers who train in these courses to refine their abilities to deal with people, face to face, on the phone, by email or fax, to actually communicate.

The need for Numeracy in Employment was identified when Job Seekers, needed to interpret Calendars, Telephones, Machinery, Safety Signs, Timesheets, nearly every aspect of life. Julie has worked with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Children, Illiterate and E.S.L Clients and has used LITNUM 1-5 to prepare individual programs for those who wanted to learn.

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Training for TESOL Teachers and International Students

One on one Support for International Students at TAFE, University or Language Schools.

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Adult Literacy Training

There is full support for students: with a disability, with special needs or who speak English as a second language.

  • One on one / face to face support. Hand Holding.
  • Language Literacy and Numeracy Support for all clients.
  • Support for English as a Second Language Students

Julie ensures that quality education is accessible to absolutely everyone.

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Tutoring for industry compliance

Non fuss training. Flexible, Relevant, Current and Valid.

Flexible Learning – After hours training

How? When? Where?. On the job, After Hours, Weekends.

When and where people require training.

My priority is to deliver relevant training. Being flexible ensures I do not rush people. I ensure thorough training to enable students to deliver and assess in their workplace with confidence. I will slow down or speed up as required. Course delivery is planned specifically to ensure the appropriate facilitation of course content. If you think you have a tricky planning schedule, There is always a solution, just ask.

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Julie Hutchin has provided me with a very efficient, high quality and professional service. All my questions are answered promptly via email and she has always been punctual attending to meetings set over Skype. I couldn’t have completed my coursework without her.

Chris Kevan

Director. ESL College Japan