Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the process if I want to use Julie M Hutchin consulting?

Simply call or email Julie from Julie M Hutchin Consulting. Julie will get in touch with you to find out your needs. She will give advice regarding facilitation of the course and how it can be delivered to you or your group. She will also discuss any other relevant matters, such as recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or credit transfers.

If you choose to proceed, then Julie M Hutchin Consulting will advise you on the enrollment and payment process. An interview is arranged with Julie, and the course is facilitated in the time agreed.

2. How much do your courses cost?

Given Julie M Hutchin Consulting provides in house training, Julie will provide a competitive quote based on your individual needs. People are surprised at how affordable the training costs are, given the amount of individual support each student receives.

3. When and Where will the Training occur?

The training works around your schedule and your needs. Flexible training means that Julie will come to you. Julie is able to train anywhere and at any time, this includes weekends and after hours. No matter how busy you are, Julie can plan around any schedule. Julie trains individuals, small groups and large groups.

4. How long does the Training take?

Delivery of a Full Course Cert IV TAA40110 is delivered face to face. Delivery time is arranged during enrollment.

I have had the pleasure of working with Julie, and observing Julie work with clients and students over the last 2 years, and I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from Julie’ skills in motivating students and trainers alike, while organising and delegating a high workload of tasks to ensure that all students have the best opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge. Julie’s knowledge and experience, combined with her supervisory and prioritising skills and high work ethic, ensure that any students / clients will achieve the best results possible.

Corey Evans

Jancor Training Solutions