Julie M. Hutchin

Julie Hutchin has experience with diverse cultural backgrounds (including diversity of social and religious beliefs) and is an LLN Industry Expert with an enormity of experience in the Corporate and Educational Sectors; i.e.: TAFE, ESL, VET.

Sustainable education requires the steadfast engagement you get with JMHCA. Julie M Hutchin Consulting Australia has a proven record of sustainability with training methodologies to ensure new skills and language are embedded and passed to others. Language and literacy are contextualised for staff in their workplace, no matter what level they are at. A 100% competency rate has been achieved for 6 years.

Experienced and highly qualified as a trainer and assessor in the Vocational Education and Training, ESL and Secondary educations areas, Julie has assisted numerous teachers to obtain their qualifications for the Training and Assessment certificate through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. Her many years experience working with industry gives Julie the reality of practice to expertly mentor students.

Julie‚Äôs experience of working in remote areas with Indigenous people and communities provides a wealth of experience with Indigenous cultures to enhance their learning experiences. During 30 years as a Local Resident Landholder near Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Community, Julie also home tutored her daughter via ‘The School of Distance Education Cairns’; worked on education and community programs with Indigenous people and survived the harsh and lonely reality of rural and remote life.

Now based in Cairns, Far North QLD, . Julie continues to work with International students in mixed mode platforms: Online, Skype and Distance.

I have come to know Julie while I was completing a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment late last year. I have found Julie to be open and flexible and she is an excellent communicator. As I have a vision impairment it is so imperative that trainers understand different learning strategies. Julie took the time to learn about my specialised technology and learned how it worked prior to me starting the course. I feel this helped us to establish such a wonderful student-teacher relationship. In essence I feel Julie would be an asset to any training organisation and I really enjoyed my training sessions with Julie.

Meredith Grose